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30 Marshwall

The landscape design strategy seeks to provide a balance of traditional high-quality public realm proposals with innovative and exciting landscape spaces at the higher levels. A series of improved streetscapes for Marsh Wall and Cuba Street have been proposed, in addition to a series of garden and terrace spaces. The first-floor podium and ‘Sky Terrace’ are intended to provide users with mixed use spaces for relaxation, contemplation, recreation and play. 


Canary Wharf - London


MW 30 Ltd


1 ha

The landscape masterplan has evolved to address the functions of the site and development; from the point of arrival to accessing the upper landscape spaces. Considerations regarding circulation, function, viewpoints in and out of the site have all contributed to the current proposals. The design of the public realm seeks to improve connectivity between the Marsh Wall and Cuba Street, through considered interventions which address the significant level differences between these streets. Improvements to the existing ramp between 30 Marsh Wall and the Landmark East Tower offer a step free route between Marsh Wall and Cuba Street. This route also provides improved links to the future Cuba Street Park proposed as part of the adjacent emerging Ballymore scheme. Other measures such as proposed improvements to the staircase between Marsh Wall and Cuba Street have also been included, with details provided as part of this report. The proposal also aims to connect the upper and lower ground floors with the podium above. This is achieved through considered visual connections and a rationale in the use of hard and soft landscape materials. The podium landscape however provides a very different experience for the user by adopting a darker palette of materials which echoes the architectural aspirations for how the podium and tower connect and interact.