Hounslow High Street, London

The vision for the High Street Quarter embraces the development principles set out in the Hounslow Town Centre masterplan, which has evolved through stakeholder engagement; including the Hounslow Town Team, members of the community and local businesses.
The vision is to create a new sense of place and a series of streets that sit comfortably with the existing fabric and strengths of the town. The proposal has been carefully designed to create seamless linkages into the High Street, the Blenheim Centre, and the
existing network of secondary streets and pedestrian routes.
The range and mix of commercial uses has been carefully crafted to ensure that the High Street Quarter will enable Hounslow to meet the retail and leisure needs and aspirations of operators and residents alike, whilst also complementing and enhancing the Town Centre’s existing offer and reflecting the emerging letting strategy of the Treaty Centre.  The retail units will provide large format stores not currently available in the Town Centre and, mindful of the dynamic retail market, they have been specifically designed to accommodate mezzanine floors, should occupiers desire them now or in the future.
Our proposals also envisage creating smaller store opportunities to ensure that a variety of different occupiers can be accommodated in the High Street Quarter, broadening the appeal of Hounslow Town Centre