Charlton Riverside Masterplan


Mixed Use


Charlton, London




2.5 ha

  • CATEGORY : Mixed Use
  • LOCATION : Charlton, London
  • CLIENT : Rockwell
  • SIZE : 2.5 ha

The site covers an area of 2.52ha, which comprises of high quality architecture, public and private gardens, areas of new public realm and extensive roof gardens and terraces.
We have adopted the concept of ‘Living Streets’, which is a design methodology specifically for urban areas. It aims to reduce the speed of motorised traffic, making the spaces more attractive to pedestrians. Encouraging this social interaction is a key driver behind the landscape proposals and aims to help build a new community in what is primarily
an industrial area at present.
The landscape is developed to not only provide open amenity space, but also provide the following functions and services:
• Purification of the site and decontamination
• Attenuate surface run off
• Boost local biodiversity
• Educate the local community about nature and the environment.
• Provide shelter from unfavourable weather conditions
• Help reduce the heat island effect in our cities
• Absorb pollution to improve air quality
• Provide opportunities for improved well-being through fitness programs, facilities and high quality public space

Charlton Riverside has tremendous potential to become an exemplary new urban district within Royal Greenwich. The design would integrate the Riverside with the existing Charlton community, connect to the transport network and create a thriving new neighbourhood by combining homes with employment, community uses and open spaces.

Our aim is to showcase innovative approaches to landscape,
architecture and ecology, while we establish a new green and
ecologically minded community.
Over several weeks Cameo & Partners presented at public exhibitions to allow local residents and retailers the opportunity to engage with the design development of the scheme.
A truly positive reaction from the local community was received and all comments were wrapped up into the projects landscape strategy.
In total we achieved 68% of the site as open public accessible space within a lush green network of sustainable spaces.