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Salesforce Spencer Place

This scheme occupies a unique location within the SpencerDocks regeneration area.. The site acts as a pivotal link to public transport, Central Square Park, the northern banks of the Liffey River and other key buildings. Targeting Double LEED V4 Platinum and Net Zero Carbon certification, this new headquarters is pioneering a new way forward for sustainability, and is set to be one of the first Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) enjoyed by a commercial occupier in the Irish market.


Dublin - Ireland


Ronan Group Real Estate


4 ha

Spencer Place is a major 6.05 acre regeneration scheme, occupying an entire city block on the riverfront site in Dublin’s Docklands. Its proximity to the heart of the Central Business District means it will play an important role in the on-going revitalization of the area. The public realm pulls away from the buildings, to reveal otherwise hidden spaces beneath and above, allowing the various levels of the development to connect visually whilst opening up the physical surrounding environment. Subterranean uses are revealed and flooded with natural light and there is visual connectivity between the various layers of public realm, enhanced with trees and planting at multiplelevels. The landscape design forged a new east-west link through the development, creating a major new pedestrianised street, at the center of the scheme. This serves to accommodate the high number of new office workers and daily visitors to the area.